LINE Camera: Animated Stickers

14.2.16 for



Take the funniest pictures


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LINE Camera is an application for the terminal´s camera. Instead of trying to produce better colour results or a more professional finish like others do; it allows us to add lots of stickers and funny pictures to our photos.

In this way, when we take a photo from the LINE Camera application, we will have the possibility to add lots of new items to our images. We will be able to add the classical LINE stickers, different frames or even filters in an 'Instagram' style to give it a different touch.

In total, we will have more than 800 different stickers to use, more than 100 filters, about 20 filters and 156 paintbrushes with which to give finishing touches to our photographs and make them look the way we want them to... or even add text to the images.

Once we´ve finished working with a photograph, we will of course be able to share it directly through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even Line.

LINE Camera is a very entertaining application which will give us a radically different perspective when we take a photo. Now, they will all be much funnier!